Epic. Genius. Groundbreaking. Revolutionary. However you describe your business, you know that you’re the best at what you do, but modern customers need proof.

Case studies give your prospects just that.

Case studies, also referred to as customer success stories, feature your best results in a way that resonates with prospects.

When you work with me, you get a writer who takes the time to understand your business.

You get a writer who connects with your featured customer to capture their best input and melds those priceless words together with the cold hard facts to produce a story that delivers what you need most: the trust of your prospective customers.


Case studies turn prospects into clients.


So what are you waiting for?






“I can’t recommend Katy enough to craft a case study for you. She took a bunch of random raw material from me and crafted it into a clear and concise case study. The case study was so good that I used it the same day she sent it to me – and immediately closed 2 high-paying clients! How’s that for fast ROI on a project? I’ll take that all day every day. Thanks Katy, you do wonderful work and made an immediate impact on my bottom line. ”
Michelle Warner


Rhonda Haiston“(Katy) is tenacious, highly motivated and bottom line results oriented. I have observed her work over many years and highly recommend her.”
-Rhonda Haiston, Weddings of San Diego & Coronado