Case studies are better than testimonials for your business. Here’s why.

You and I both know that your customers’ experiences are priceless when it comes to marketing. Every business worth it’s salt has testimonials plastered across their website. Savvier business owners have a separate page brimming with accolades.

So why bother putting in the time and money to have case studies on top of testimonials?

Good question.

Case studies work for three reasons.

  • They provide credibility.
  • They educate prospects.
  • They validate solutions.

Let’s take coaching as an example. Your potential client is taking a risk that they’ll pay you for a service that may or may not solve their problems. More than likely, they’re about to pay premium prices for your coaching, which makes them all the more hesitant. They don’t know why your coaching is any better than any other solution out there and they have no idea what it will be like to be coached by you.

Sure, a testimonial can add an element of credibility, but case studies show the behind the scenes that customers need to understand the experience of working with you.

And when you’re selling something that a customer could see as complex, expensive, or risky, case studies are simply the best way to hedge your bets.


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